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 Wynnewood is located in Lower Merion Township in Montgomery County.

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Wynnewood, Pennsylvania  is located in Montgomery County, PA.  It is one of  Philadelphia’s  suburbs. Wynnewood was named in 1691 for Dr. Thomas Wynne, William Penn's physician. Wynne accompanied William Penn on his original journey to America on the ship Welcome.

The first land in Wynnewood was mainly owned by farmers with the following family names:  Jones, Wistar, Owen, and Price. By 1833, other families businesses were added to Wynnewood such as: N Parker Shortridge, who was a Philadelphia banker and director of the Pennsylvania Railroad; Isaac H. Clothier, who was a department store co-founder with Justus C. Strawbridge; and Henry C. Gibson who was a distiller.

The Charles C. Knox Home is located in Wynnwood. This home was built in the 1850s by Josiah Knox. This home is currently a residents for older adults.

The Pennsylvania Railroad built tracks in Montgomery County  by 1834. The railroad began to add stops in this area around 1870.

In the early 1880’s, wealthy Philadelphians had architects build summer retreat homes for them in Lower Merion township.

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