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Newtown Square, PA Real Estate:

History of Newtown Square




Newtown Square is located in Newtown Township in Delaware County.

and Newtown Township in Delaware County. 

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Newtown Township is in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It is referred to as Newtown Square. Newtown Square is in the 19073 zip code. Newtown is the oldest township in Delaware County. It was incorporated as a township in 1684.

Newtown Township was settled in 1681 by William Penn. Penn had planned New Town while he was in England. He had sold most of this land before he arrived. Most people that purchased this land never settled here. A lot of them sold their land and settled elsewhere. Newtown took a while to develop, since the landowners never lived here. The travelling distance to Philadelphia could have been one of the main reasons this land was not desirable.

The Welsh were the first settlers in this area. Newtown was mostly farmland during the early 1700s.






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