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Manayunk is located in Philadelphia County.

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Manayunk, Pennsylvania is located in the Northwestern section of Philadelphia County. It was originally a community of Roxborough Township. Manayunk was first bought from William Penn in 1685-1686, and then transferred to the William Levering family.  The town became known as Flat Rock in 1810. Flat Rock came from an unusually flat rock located in the Schuylkill River. A bridge was built at this location, which became known as the ‘Flat Rock Bridge.’

Around 1840, the town’s name was changed from ‘Flat Rock’ to ‘Manayunk.’ Manayunk was derived from a Lenape Indian’s  word for river,  mëneyung or manaiung Manaiung means ‘a place to drink.’ At this time, Manayunk became its own borough. This would last for about 14 years. In 1854, all of the boroughs of Philadelphia were consolidated through the Act of Consolidation. At this time, Manayunk just became known as a neighborhood in Philadelphia.

In the 19th Century, Manayunk was know for its construction of its dam and canal along the Schuylkill River. These produced great power, which was used by the Mills and Factories that were then developed along the Schulkill River. The area became a manufacturing village.


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