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Conshohocken, PA is located in Conshohocken Boro in Montgomery County.

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Conshohocken , Pennsylvania is a borough of Montgomery County. It is located along the Svhuylkill River. Conshohocken is in the 19428 zip code. The name, Conshohocken, comes from the Lenape Indians who first occupied the are over 300 years ago. Conshohocken is derived from the Lenape's language to mean 'Pleasant Valley.'

William Penn purchased this land in the early 1680s.

Conshohocken was founded in 1830 and incorporated as a borough in 1852.

Conshohocken was a very industrious area back in the early 1800s. Alan Wood Iron and Steel Company was a well known industrial company from those times.

In 1816 the Schuylkill Canal began construction in Philadelphia. By 1818,the canal reached Conshohocken. The canal was used to provide transportation along the Schuylkill River. The canal also provided power to the early mills alongside the Schuylkill.  



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